Unknown Women

This is an ongoing project of 100 carved cameo Dove soap portraits. I observed and photographed women at a craft fair, all older, all ‘meddling with craft’ or ‘frittering alleviations of boredom and banality’ – as society often derides, especially the art world who with the exception of accepted movements like Craftivism, have generally patronised Craft. What I saw was a whole generation of females nurturing something in themselves and in their lives that they felt was important. I think that craft links these women to identity, fellowship, conversance and intimacy, that within the escape of their mediocrity and apparent nothingness they shed a previous incarnation and that their ‘craft’ is ultimately an expression of love. They are practicing being ‘in the flow’, of being free of oneself and therefore aiding their mental health. The fact that women become invisible in society influenced the material I chose for this project. Soap disintegrates and becomes nothing.